The CounterKulture Design Studio was founded in 2005 with the intention of creating concrete countertops that performed to highest of builders expectations.  In the last twelve years the studio l has produced thousands of square feet of countertops, wall panelings, fire places, tables, furniture, planters, and commissioned art pieces throughout the western United States.  We have consistently pushed the envelope of what can be done in the concrete medium and have recently added decorative steel and wood work to our repertoire.  We consistently exceed our customers expectations to create one of kind pieces that are held to high standard of craft and execution. Everything that our studio designs and fabricates is unique and made in Durango,Colorado.
The Character Builders Corporation has been building in Durango, Colorado since 2001.  They specialize in creative spaces and major remodels in and around  Durango.

CounterKULTURE Andrew Barber.jpg

Andrew Barber 

Founder and Partner.  

Andrew Barber grew up near Seattle with a father that was a mechanical engineer and mother who was passionate about art.  He holds a business degree from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington and has traveled the world with both surfboards, snowboards, and his daughter under his arms.  When not in the shop he can be found deep in the woods on a mountain bike, or roaming the beaches of Baja California in search of the perfect wave.

CounterKULTURE Gavin McCalden.jpg

Gavin McCalden

Gavin McCalden: Partner and Shop Manager. 

Gavin McCalden grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado, moving to Durango in 2004 to study ceramics at Fort Lewis College. He holds a degree in Art Business and focused his energies on the art world before making his way into industrial design and decorative concrete. He is a master potter and craftsman of fine art.  He can often be found skiing through the back woods of the San Juan Mountains or on his raft with a big fat smile on his face.